Experimenting with Fun Glaze Colors


Bright-Ceramic-Animals.JPGI love making my dog breed pottery, especially because of the bright colors in my dog breed and floral patterns.  I love bright rich colors in general and have really wanted to glaze some things in all different colors.  So recently I dug out some of the animal molds that I’ve acquired over the years (just for fun) and made a bunch of different critters so that I could try out some of my new glazes on them.  When I unloaded everything from the kiln onto my cart, and all of the items were together, I just couldn’t stop staring at them.  It was complete sensory overload and I couldn’t get enough.  There were horses, cats, owls, foxes, deer, some small pots and covered boxes, all decked out in bright colors of glaze.  So satisfying 🙂

These will go on my website once I get them all photographed.   So off I go to my studio to snap some pics.  Bye for now.



May Dog Pottery Giveaway Results

Corgi Sugar Bowl May Giveaway

Can you believe it’s June already?  Wow…surely the fastest Spring ever.  With the end of May comes a close to my May Dog Pottery Giveaway.  And the winner of last month’s prize is Wendy S. Congratulations to Wendy!!!!  She will be receiving her dog breed sugar bowl as soon as I hear which breed she would like.

I’m working on getting June’s Giveaway put together and should be up by tomorrow.

Bye for now,


Plum Blossom Farm Bath, Body and Home Products

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 10.47.13 AM
Plum Blossom Farm Products – Photo by John Burgess, The Press Democrat

Today I’m sharing my friend Carole’s business because, for one, she makes amazing products, and two, she was just featured in an article by The Press Democrat (Sonoma County, CA).  I’m so excited for her and want to celebrate this well-deserved recognition.

We started our businesses around the same time and I’ve had the privilege to watch her business change and grow over the last decade.  I first met Carole when she was in college and helped me with my children when my youngest was born.  She was an integral part of our family for several years and she is one of the most gentle and caring people I know.  She has always done the very best for the people and animals in her life and I’m just so proud of what she’s achieved.

As for Carole’s products, we use several of them daily.  I love that the ingredients are all natural, the scents are wonderful, and the felted wool colors are really beautiful.   Me and my grown kids use her bath and body products exclusively now – specifically, the body scrub, body butter, and felted wool soaps (made with wool from her sheep).  I always have one of her lip balms nearby – in my purse and overnight bag, on my bathroom vanity,  by the kitchen sink, and in my car.   It’s the only lip balm I use.  I really can’t say enough about her products, except that they also make wonderful gifts – which makes it easy for me when it’s time to buy a birthday or Christmas gift.

I hope that you check out the article. It gives a great description of her farm and has a lot of really nice pictures of her and her critters.  For some really awesome products, visit her online store – plumbossomfarm.com.

Warmest regards,



May 2019 Dog Pottery Giveaway

Corgi Sugar Bowl May Giveaway

This month I’m giving away one of my dog breed sugar bowls.  These are one of my most popular items, probably because they are so cute and versatile.  They can hold your sugar for you or dog-training treats, change, cotton balls, and the list goes on.

The winner will be chosen May 31st and will have their choice of over 40 different dog breed designs.

Just click the red button to enter! You will receive information about sharing the giveaway after you enter – the more you share the greater your chances of winning.


Good luck!





April 2019 Giveaway Winner

Cocker-Spaniel-Plate Winner

This post is a tad late.  Somehow the first week of May got away from me.  But I’m very happy for this month’s winner – Jackie P.  She will be receiving a 7″ dog breed plate with choice of dog breed on it.  Congratulations Jackie!!!

Check back soon for my May Giveaway.



New! Flat Coated Retriever Design

Flat Coated Retriever Wine Stopper from shepherds-grove.com

I’ve created a new dog breed design for the Flat Coated Retriever.  What a pretty dog this is.  I honestly didn’t know about it, which you might think is strange given that I make pottery for dog lovers.  But there are 193 dog breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club.  The cool thing is that I got to learn about the Flat Coated Retriever.  The standard colors are black or liver colored, and there is a yellow variety.  From my conversation with my customer who owns one, and from what I’ve read, they’re positive, playful and friendly.  And, very good at retrieving waterfowl, as their name implies.

I’ve completed my design but it is not on my website yet, so if you’re interested please email me and let me know – contact@shepherds-grove.com.  The Flat Coated Retriever is available on all of the pottery shapes on my website.

Take care,


April Dog Pottery Givaway!


This month I’m giving away something different, something that’s not yet available on my website.  It is a 7″ dog breed plate and has all of the features and benefits of my other pottery – it’s made of durable stoneware and so is dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe.  It has hand-painted blue and golden yellow bands around the rim and my floral dog design in the center, made and decorated with non-toxic, food-safe materials. And all of the work is done by my hands, in my studio, in Eureka, CA.

I will be adding plates to my website over the month and wanted to give you a little sneak peak by way of this giveaway.   I have been selling my plates on the sly for a couple years now.  Someone way back asked for plates so I started making them. Then sales  happened by word of mouth and I just never got around to adding them to my website.

The winner will be chosen at random and will be able to have their plate decorated with one of my available dog breed designs.  Sharing the contest through the means provided after you enter, increases your entries in the contest and thus increases your chances of winning.

Click the red button below to be taken to the entry form.  Good luck!


March Giveaway Winner


I didn’t want to post the winner to my March Giveaway yesterday because it was April Fools Day.  I thought some might think my announcement was a trick like, “so and so won….April Fools!”  But now I can announce who did win.

Congratulations to Shirley F. who will soon be the receiving a dog breed wine stopper and dipping dish.  She’ll be able to choose from my available dog breed designs and can even choose a different breed for each item.

I will be posting this month’s giveaway soon – after I get my studio straightened out (more later on that).

Take care,



Mold Making Class

Slipcast bottle
The bottle from my new mold 🙂

I recently attended a really fun mold making class at Georgies Ceramics and Clay in Eugene, Oregon.  It was taught by Brett Bindford of Mudshark Studios, Portland, who is an expert in the field of ceramic mold making and slip casting.

It was a small class so we each got a lot of personal help making molds of the items we brought.  And Brett was an awesome teacher both because he made the process easy to understand and because he’s so easy going and kind.

I chose a bottle that I love.  It was a Kava bottle that my son brought home and was going to recycle.  But I thought it would be perfect with a pour spout to use as an olive oil bottle.   Another person made a mold of cauliflower, which turned out super cool.  All of our molds turned out great, actually.  There’s always the chance that your item will get stuck in the mold because you didn’t see an undercut in your item, or because the plaster adheres to the material that your item is made out of.

As with any process, there a lot of steps and we’ll see if I remember them all when I go to make molds in my studio.  I’ve been collecting the supplies I need to start mold making and now have everything, so I’ll report back with my progress.  I’m very excited about experimenting will different shaped items.

I had to wait a while for my mold to dry but finally, I’ve been able to make a cast of my bottle (shown above).  The really exciting part for me is glazing it and seeing the final result…I’m not quite there yet but will post a photo when I get a bottle done.

Off to uncover my studio (more on that later),


March Dog Pottery Giveaway


It’s Friday!  Yay!  I don’t know what it is about Fridays, but they always bring a sense of relief, even if the two days following aren’t much different for me.  I think it’s all of those early years of school that has conditioned me to love Fridays.   Anyhow, enough conjecture.  On to the contest.

This month I will be giving away a dog breed dipping bowl and dog breed wine stopper.  Two nice little items to keep for yourself or gift to a dog loving friend or organization.  I was very touched to hear that my last winner, Wendy, was going to be donating the items she won to an upcoming rescue auction.   She chose Boston Terriers, so I’m assuming it’s a Boston Terrier rescue.  Whether you decide to keep your prize or gift it, the instructions are the same – click the red button below 🙂


Good luck and have a great weekend!