Change: Scary and Exhilerating


I have been contemplating a big change for quite a while and am now ready to see it through over the course of this year.  I have been selling on Etsy, as well as my Shepherds Grove Studio website, for 7 years and have decided that it’s time to let Etsy go and focus solely on my website.  This was a difficult decision, and I have put it off for a couple of years, because I have been successful on Etsy and have loved all of the connections that I’ve made there.  But having two sales platforms splits my time between the two, and takes energy away from giving my website the attention it deserves in order to make it a better user experience.

I have not yet determined my end date with Etsy, but I will keep you apprised.  In the meantime, I will do everything I can to let my current and past customers know where they can find me, and I will trust that new customers will find my website easily.


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