New Border Collie Design

I have finished my Border Collie Design, at least the black and white version.  I’ll be adding a red and white and a blue merle Border Collie eventually.  I will probably do some minor changes before I make my Border Collie Gifts, though I might not be able to wait.BorderjpgRGB

I completed a Dutch Shepherd mug from the design I drew last week, though I made some modifications to the snout from the first draft of my artwork and Dutch Shepherd Gifts are now available on my website.   I also completed designs for a red merle Australian Shepherd and a black and rust Doberman Pinscher and made mugs for these as well.  It was a very productive week!  Now you can find these in my Australian Shepherd Gifts and Doberman Pinscher Gifts on my website.

Image 2

Image 1Image

I will announce this weeks “dog of the week” tomorrow.  It is one that I’ve received more than a couple requests for.  Stay tuned.




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