10 Great Pictures of Dogs and Daffodils

I love Daffodils – they’re such a jolly flower.  Before they all disappear, I thought I would pay tribute to them with 10 great pictures of “Dogs and Daffodils”.

1. Newfoundland and Daffodils


2. Corgi and Daffodils

One happy dog


3. Shelties and Daffodils


4. German Shepherd and Daffodils


5. Pug and Daffodils


6. Greyhound and Daffodils


7. Golden Retriever and Daffodils

Source: Reddit/pogiepika


8. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Daffodils


9. Chihuahua and Daffodils

Chihuahua and Daffodils

Source: Instagram @fotografriedje


10.  Australian Shepherd and Daffodils


Warmest Regards,


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