Revamping website

I have spent the last month and a half working in my studio, slip casting, decorating, etc…the usual.  But have also been working on neglected projects like revamping my website, refocusing my energy on my major goals.

My website has been in “maintenance” mode for a month.  I am removing all outdated photos of items that are no longer decorated in that particular way.  The changes will be very drastic.  I plan to cut back to just one item – my Stein Mugs, offered with several different dog breeds.  When I have 20 or so different breeds on my mugs, I will add other items back into my offerings.  This is all a part of me focusing on my goals.  Before, my website had too many items listed but there were not pictures associated with all items – it was confusing and less professional than I wanted.  This way, I can get each item right before adding the next.  It’s the way I should have done it in the first place.  Live and learn, and then keep learning.


Faery Tails Corgi Rescue – Corgi Jubilee


The Corgi Jubilee is an apt name for this wonderful event, considering the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is occurring as I write, and she a staunch Corgi lover herself.  The Queen’s love of Corgis and the attention that the breed has received lately is both good and bad.  Hopefully the attention will be focused on those Corgi’s in the US that need homes, though likely it will also result in more breeding of Corgis and more dogs needing homes.  That is why the work done by dog rescue organizations, like Faery Tails Corgi Rescue, need support.  You can support this organization by participating in The Corgi Jubilee that is taking place at AKC Museum of the Dog, 1721 South Mason Road, Saint Louis, MO, Saturday June 9, 2012.  You can also donate to them by visiting their website.

Join the folks of Faery Tails Corgi Rescue for their annual fundraiser – a fun filled day of corgis, shopping, silly contests, silent auction bidding, purchasing raffle tickets and enjoying lunch with good Corgis and friends.   All well behaved and leashed corgis and corgi mixes are welcomed. Other well behaved and leashed pooches are welcome to attend too. If you would like to bring something for the lunch table or an auction item, please contact us.  All money raised will go to the care of wonderful dogs who need a fresh start for a wonderful new life.  Help support this worthwhile event.

For more information, please call 314-631-2577 or email

Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston’s Red, White, and Golden Celebration!

For all of those in and around Houston who love Golden Retrievers and a good time, The Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston is hosting a fundraiser on Saturday, July 7, 2010 from 4pm to 10pm at Blanco’s Bar and Grill (3406 West Alabama St., near Buffalo Speedway).

Enjoy BBQ, cool beverages, and great music by; CJ’s Gound, Still Spinning, 23rd Soul Street.  There will be silent and live auctions (including items from Shepherds Grove).

Tickets are available at the door and the price includes a BBQ dinner plus 2 drink tickets.  Adults $35 and Children $15.  You can bring your well behaved Golden for free! (though all dogs must remain outdoors)

Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston (GRRH) was founded June 20h03 and is a non-profit 501(c)(3). They are an all-volunteer group dedicated to the rescue and placement of Golden Retrievers in the greater Houston, Texas area. They do not have a physical location but rather fulfill their mission with the help of volunteer foster homes.  They work very hard to find homes for the many homeless Goldens and their work includes rehabilitating Goldens with physical or psychological needs. 

Heart felt thanks to all of those working on behalf of animal welfare – your kind deeds to not go unnoticed.

Animal Safehouse Program from Rancho Coastal Humane Society, San Diego, CA

I just wanted to spread the word about a great program started by Ranch Coastal Humane Society, Encinitas, CA.  They have now made the Animal Safehouse Program available to any agency that would like to start one in their area.
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A San Diego Safety Net Now Spreading Across the Country

“The words ‘Safe’ and ‘House’ should be synonymous,” says Rancho Coastal Humane Society President Jim Silveira. “But abusers come as husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, parents, children, and roommates. Rancho Coastal Humane Society created the Animal Safehouse Program in 1997. This month, we’re launching ASP on a national level. By providing a safety net for the animal victims of domestic abuse we’re giving human victims an escape route.”

Through ASP the victims of domestic violence can leave knowing that their pets will be cared for. When possible the pets are reunited with their owners. When that’s not possible, the pets are matched with new families through the pet adoption program at Rancho Coastal Humane Society.

The Animal Safehouse Program started by Rancho Coastal Humane Society is, literally, saving lives. When human victims enter shelters their dogs or cats can be cared for in the private homes of ASP volunteers. Silveira says, “For the first time since the first beating, the victims realize that they can escape without leaving their pets to pay the price.”

Do the animal victims of domestic violence recover? Silveira says they do. “When the pets arrive they’ve been beaten, abused, neglected, or starved. Once they realize they’re safe their tails wag. The happy purrs begin. Usually all it takes is someone who cares. Someone who will love them and tend to their needs without having to endure another beating.”

Silveira concludes, “When we take these animals into our homes we are making the same commitments that we make to the humans in our lives. We agree to provide for them and protect them. But when domestic violence threatens to harm this fiber of society, Animal Safehouse is here to help. And now Rancho Coastal Humane Society is spreading the ASP safety net across the country.”

For more information about the Animal Safehouse Program created by Rancho Coastal Humane Society or to learn how you can help start an ASP program anywhere in the United States log on to, call 760-753-6413, or visit RCHS at 389 Requeza Street in Encinitas, CA.

Read more: San Diego Pets Magazine – Animal Safehouse Program

Finally something that really helps my dogs itchy skin!!!

I have been religiously following the treatment plan that I started a couple weeks ago, washing my dog, Dante, 2-3 days per week.    This I began after reading an article about Dr. Valerie A. Fadok, who said that many chronic skin problems could be dramatically improved through frequent, sometimes daily, washings with a shampoo containing the antiseptic chlorhexidine.  I received my bottle of Duoxo, containing the antiseptic chlorhexidine, the day after my last dog-washing post (prior to that, I’d been using Episoothe).  I have been using Duoxo 2-3 times per week over the last 2.5 weeks.  I also ordered the Duoxo chlorhexidine spray to use in between washings.  I have been VERY happy with the results.  Dante is not scratching all of the time, his wounds are completely healed, his belly skin is almost all pink (instead of black), his coat is soft and shiny, and he smells great.  I had a vet appointment today for vaccinations and my vet said Dante is looking the best he’s ever seen him, except that Dante’s starting to get a little chubby 😦   My vet also said that his clinic has started carrying Duoxo and that he is very impressed with its results.  He said I would likely only need to wash Dante once a week.  I will switch to this interval after completing my 4 weeks of intensive washings, as indicated on the Duoxo bottle.

Finally something that works!  I am very happy that I came across this information by Dr. Valerie Fadok and such a simple solution – just scrub, scrub, scrub….

Dog Itch Treatment #2

German Shepherd harnessed for his bath
Dante harnessed for his bath

It’s misty and gray here in Eureka so no surprise that Dante (my German Shepherd) was soaked and coated with dirt on his undercarriage when we returned home from our walk. Time for the second bath in my experiment and, as you can see by the picture above, he was thrilled. Mind you, I am currently not using a shampoo with the ingredient recommended by Dr. Valerie A. Fadok, which is chlorhexidine. Her top picks were: Duoxo (biggest thumbs up), Zymox (over-the-counter) and Vetericyn Spray. I am using Epi-soothe, a shampoo recommended by my vet and one that is safe to use everyday. I will use it until my shipment of Duoxo arrives. He’s definitely less itchy over the last two days and his wounds on his back leg are healing and pinkness is returning to his belly skin.

I suds him up and wait 10 minutes, during which time he can ponder how he ended up in this family that keeps washing him.

German Shepherd getting a bath
Why is this happening to me?

After his 10 minute meditation, I rinse him thoroughly and towel dry…as much as I can when he keeps shaking the towel off and knocking my knees out from under me. The smell of wet dog permeates my house.

A couple things to keep in mind if you try this and have a big dog: You will get wet and you may use up all your dog towels. I will go in search of a cheap waterproof coverall and wear rubber boots so I do not end up as wet an hairy as my dog. Also, I will need to stay on top of my laundry.

A possible treatment for your dog’s itchy skin.

I came across a this post that provides information about how to help your itchy dog. It suggests daily bathing.

I have been dealing with my dogs itchy skin since we was about 2 years old. He’s now 6. I have tried numerous things over the years – changing diet, topical treatments, food additives, a treatment called Nzymes- all without noticeable results. In fact, as I type, my dog is scratching his little heart out. It bothers me that he is so uncomfortable. My own experience has shown that my dog always feels better just after a bath but that the itching seems to get even worse a week or so after a bath, which is where he’s at right now. He has sores on his legs and on his abdomen from chewing and rubs against you so you’ll scratch his back. Perhaps the answer is in more frequent bathing as suggested in the post. I can see this would be a major inconvenience, though a relatively inexpensive treatment. Worth a try.