February Giveaway Winner


I hope your week is off to a good start.  I’m sorry that this post is a couple of days late.  I was having technical issues with my giveaway software and so had to wait until that was resolved before being able to announce a winner.  But now, I’m very pleased to announce that Wendy B. is my February winner, and the owner of a set of my dog breed salt and pepper shakers.  Yay Wendy!!

Next month’s giveaway will be posted in the next few days so check back to enter.





February Giveaway Ending Soon


Just a quick note to remind you that my February giveaway will be ending Thursday so be sure to enter.  This month’s prize is a set of dog breed salt and pepper shakers, which look super cute on the table, and make a unique gift for dog lovers.


Have a happy Tuesday and good luck!



p.s. Please forward this to anyone who you think would be interested in winning.


Cocker Spaniel Pottery – Kiln Opening


A quick video showing me unloading my Cocker Spaniel pottery from the kiln.  I had a couple unwelcome surprises but wanted to share the good and the bad.

Have  great weekend!


Decorating Cocker Spaniel Pottery Video


This video is a tad long.  It shows the process of how my dog breed artwork is made into ceramic decals which are applied to my stoneware pottery.


I’ll follow up with a video of the finished pottery.  Bye for now!


February Dog Pottery Giveaway

Enter to Win!

Get ready, get set, ENTER!!! The February dog pottery giveaway is live and this month I’m giving away a pair of dog breed salt and pepper shakers.  These have been top sellers for me since a customer suggested them a couple years ago. They’re a fun way to celebrate your dog and they look great on the counter or table.  I use mine everyday, really.  But then who doesn’t like salt and pepper?

My giveaway is free to enter.  To do so, just click the big red box below and follow the instructions.  Then be sure to share when prompted and keep coming back to share some more.  The more you share, the more points you get, which is like having more entries in the drawing – you’re chances of winning are greater the more points you have.

I’m really hoping to have a new product ready to launch by next month – it will be a new pottery shape which will be the prize for next month’s giveaway.  So stay tuned 🙂


Wishing you the best of luck!!!



January 2019 Giveaway Winner


I can’t believe January is already behind us – what happened?   I hope it’s been a good month for you as it has been for me.  It was a good month for Gina F., who is January’s Giveaway winner – Congratulations Gina!  Gina will be receiving a dog breed mug (with her choice of dog breed), which are a fun way to enjoy coffee and tea.  I will also let you know that Gina is the first person to win twice since I started my monthly giveaways back in October of 2017.  So double congrats.  Please know that the winner is chosen randomly by my contest software, but because Gina shared the contest so much, her chances of winning were greatly improved by having more “points/entries” in the draw.

I will be posting the February contest in the next few days.  I hope you have a relaxing or fun weekend,  whichever suits you best.



Downtown Eureka with Zeus

I haven’t given a pup-date in a while, so I thought I would do so and give you a little insight into my life with our pup.  Zeus, our German Shepherd,  is now one year and a few months old.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned his reactivity – if I haven’t, it’s partly because of the shame/embarrassment (or whatever you want to call it) that I’ve felt around it.  I’ve come to realize, through a lot of reading and studying on the issue, that owners of reactive dogs tend to feel this way.  Let’s face it, it is embarrassing (to say the least) when your dog is lunging, barking and looking incredibly menacing as another dog walks by, or sometimes just a person.

You think about the judgements that people might be making about you and your dog, like “why would you have such a dog?” ” can’t you contol your own dog” “what a monster”.  It can be very self-deflating and make me want to hide away.  But that is no good for me, and especially bad for Zues.  It’s made me a braver person because I have to go into situations that might be scary and cause Zeus to react.   But, my goal is that Zues’s fun sweet nature is what people come to see in him, rather than his fire, so we’ve been working really hard and often.

We work at parks, in the neighborhood, outside of busy grocery stores, schools,  downtown, etc.  His explosions are getting less and less, though they do happen, and sometimes it still gets me down.  But I keep up the work anyway.   After all of my experience with his outbursts, I now find it easier to see them as behavior that needs some work, rather than the behavior defining who he is forever.  I’ve also gotten better and just focusing on him rather than the people around me – it’s me and him in a sort of training bubble moving along with people passing by outside.

This morning was beautiful here so we went to Old Town Eureka to walk the boardwalk and sidewalks.  Our town is very pretty and my appreciation grows the more time I spend downtown.  There are beautiful old buildings and lots of activity as business owners and fishermen bustle to get things ready for the day.  It was sunny and cool with no wind, so the glassy water was reflecting the boats docked at Woodly Island Marina, across from the boardwalk.

As we walked, I had Zeus working on his heeling, sitting, recalls, leave-it (when he wants to chase birds, sniff things, looks too long at something), look (where he turns to look into my eyes regardless of what’s around or walking by), place (where I point to someplace like a picnic table or ledge and he gets on it and stays until he’s released).

The photo above is him practicing “place” on the bow end of a boat sculpture on the boardwalk, and across the water is the Woodly Island Marina.  Then he practiced “place” on the wall of a high cement planter on the boardwalk.   I’m just so darn proud of him for how hard he tries and for his successes.  It took him a couple days to get “place” down, but now he just gets on whatever I tell him to.  That’s not to say he’d be calm and stay there if a dog walked by, but that a the goal we are working toward.  Zeus deserves good belly rub and extra cookie for his solid work this morning 🙂

Have a great day,


January 2019 Dog Pottery Giveaway!


Hello!  My January Dog Pottery Giveway is live and runs through January 31st.  This month I will be giving away a dog breed mug and the winner can choose any of my current dog breed designs.

Click the big red button to be taken to the Giveaway entry page.  Best of luck!!!



Happy New Year & December Giveaway Winner!

Happy New Year!  I hope your New Years celebration was fun and that your dog(s) weren’t bothered by any fireworks.  May your 2019 be filled with great experiences, health, and prosperity.

I’m happy to announce that Renee G. is the prize winner for my December giveaway.  She will receive a dog breed sugar bowl and dog breed creamer with her choice of dog breed.  Congratulations Renee and thank you to everyone who entered.

I plan to continue my giveaway through next year, so you’ll have plenty of chances to win.  I’ll announce January’s giveaway in a day or two.



December 2018 Dog Pottery Giveaway!


Hello!  My December Dog Pottery Giveway is up and running.  It ends December 31st, so the prize will not arrive to the winner in time for Christmas, but it will make a nice little gift for after the Holidays.

I will be giving away a dog breed sugar bowl and dog breed creamer this month.  These are great items to use for their intended purposes but are also fun ways to store useful objects like cotton balls, cotton swabs, make-up brushes, training treats, spare change, etc…

Click the big red button to be taken to the Giveaway entry page.  Best of luck!!!