New! Rhodesian Ridgeback and Scottish Terrier Designs

Rhodesian Ridgeback and Scottish Terrier Sugar Bowl

Rhodesian Ridgeback and Scottish Terrier Sugar Bowls

I recently added Rhodesian Ridgeback and Scottish Terrier designs to my dog breed gift line up and you can now find them on the shepherds-grove website.   My sugar bowls are shown above but both breeds are available on all of my pottery shapes.

I’m very thankful for the requests that prompted me to work on these designs.  The Rhodesian Ridgeback was a request from our family’s Orthodontist (thank you Dr. Hunt 😊) and the Scottish Terrier from a new customer.

Until next time,



Shepherds Grove January Giveaway!

corgi salt and pepper shakers

The January giveaway is up and running!  Because these were so well received by my customers in 2017, I’m once again giving away a set of dog breed salt and pepper shakers.  The winner can choose their favorite breed (from the dog breed list on my website) and can have one breed on one shaker and another breed on the other, if they would like.  Enter for yourself or for the dog lover in your life 🙂

Enter the contest here.  As always, your chances of winning are improved the more you share the contest with your friends.  And you’ll be given an opportunity to share after you’ve entered for yourself.    Good luck!



Lightning Strikes at Shepherds Grove

Our new German Shepherd Puppy Zeus


Happy New Year everyone! I hope the holidays were filled with the things you love and that your year ahead is filled with promise.  I’m grateful to say that both things are true for me.  In November I had to say goodbye to Dante and it was one of the most heartbreaking things I’ve ever had to do.  As sad as it was, myself and family knew that we would want another German Shepherd in our lives.  And, as Dante and Boomer have connections in high places, I had them to go to work finding us a puppy.

I did not expect to have a puppy in our home three weeks later.  His name is Zeus and he came into our lives like lightning and captured our hearts just as fast.  He’s now just about 12 weeks old, sweet and feisty with sharp baby needle teeth.  He’s also incredibly smart and already loves to work.  And boy does he have an amazing food drive!  The best part is that when he looks at you with his soul-piercing eyes, any troubles melt away.   Our home feels happy once again.

In other news, the winner of my December contest was Melody – Congratulations!  She will soon be receiving a set of dog breed salt and pepper shakers.  I’ll be releasing the details of my January contest soon so check back!

All the best to you!


December Dog Gift Giveaway

corgi salt and pepper shakers

This months giveaway is for a set of dog breed salt and pepper shakers with your choice of dog breed (from my currently available designs).   The drawing runs until December 31st, so there’s still plenty of time to enter.  And while the winner won’t receive them for Christmas, it’ll be a nice gift to receive in the new year.  Click here to enter and best of luck.


November Contest Winner


Lori was November’s contest winner and the recipient of a Yellow Lab sugar bowl and creamer set.  I was very happy for her and I learned that she is a fellow artist.  You can find her charming and playful dog art in her Etsy shop, LoriBushArt, on Pinterest, and Facebook.

The December drawing is up and running and you can enter here.  The prize this month is a set of salt and pepper shakers and the winner will be chosen December 31 at 11pm.  Good luck.


Shepherds Grove without a Shepherd

File Dec 05, 2 40 20 PM

Dante and his favorite hedgehog toy. Photo by Adri

I haven’t written this post until now because I found it too difficult to write at the time.  At the beginning of November I sent out my newsletter and, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, gave thanks for Dante still being with us after 13 years and 2 months.  I didn’t know at the time that I would be saying goodbye to him 2 weeks later.

Dante was very stoic, never complained even though he was stiff.  He would get up, shake it off and go for a walk, or come out to the studio with me.  He was always eager to just be a part of whatever we were doing.  We gave him medication to help with joint pain and he had a good quality of life but, bit by bit, his dignity was being robbed from him.

The weekend before Dante was put down, he fell and skinned his chin (because his back legs couldn’t support him), he had an accident in the house (this had been happening intermittently for the last 6-8 months), and when I gave him a bath, he couldn’t stand for more than 2-3 seconds.  As he sat there slumped and lathered in shampoo, he had a look on his face like he’d had it.  It was in that brief moment (and after months of deteriorating stability) that I felt the time had come, and I looked at my husband and said the words out loud.  It was excruciating to admit, and wasn’t the first time we’ve gone through this.  Things happened very similarly with our first Shepherd, Boomer.  It’s a horrible decision to have to make, and yet I know it’s the biggest act of mercy a pet owner can bestow.

Dante left us on November 15.  The vet came to our home with his wife and Dante was surrounded by my husband, three kids and myself.  I placed my head on his side and treasured every last heartbeat and breath, silently chanting “I love you”.  And then, he was gone.  It was horribly sad and yet such a beautiful thing to be there all together in his last moment.

We’re all ok.  Not to say there haven’t been rivers of tears cried – that’s all part of the process of letting go.   I know he’s in a good place and in excellent company, and I will be happy to see him again, when it’s time…a long, long time from now.  I sure miss that old gentle friend and will always be thankful for the years we had together, and his unconditional love.

It helps to think that Dante and Boomer are sending me emotional support from afar.  I asked both of them to scout out our next dog for us.  I have no doubt they will find the perfect friend, just as Boomer did with Dante.  Things are already happening in that direction and I’ll post when I know for sure.  For now, I’d like to share a poem that my dear customer Terri sent me.  You may have heard it, but I hadn’t, and it really speaks to the doubt and conflict a pet owner faces when they have to make a the hardest decision.


Hug your dogs for me,



November Contest

pug sugar bowl and creamer from

You could win a sugar and creamer set!


Hello.  I meant to write this post much earlier but was derailed by some emergency kiln repairs which ate up the mid-afternoon.  I believe the problem is fixed and will find out when I fire my glazed pottery load tomorrow.  On to the contest…

The November prize will be a dog breed sugar bowl and dog breed creamer (similar to those pictured above) and the winner will choose from over 40 of my current dog designs.  The sugar bowl and creamer are some of my most popular items and would be a great gift for Christmas for the dog lover in your life – assuming you would want to part with them should you win 🙂

The contest works as follows: click the link below and enter your name and email.  You’ll then be given opportunities to increase your chances of winning by sharing the contest with your friends, i.e., you get more entries when you share on social media and again if your friend (or friends) enter the contest.


Best of luck!


October Prize Draw Winner


The winner of my October prize drawing was Jennifer P.  Congratulations Jennifer!!  She will be receiving two of my handmade dog breed mugs with her choice of breed(s).

I will be announcing the details of my November drawing tomorrow, so check back to see what you could win.



Happy Halloween

German Shepherd and pumpkin

Photo by Audrey Albertini

Halloween greetings from me and Dante!  It’s a beautiful day here on the North Coast of California – perfect for all of the trick-or-treaters that we’ll be getting tonight.  Hope your Halloween is filled with good fun 🙂

Just a reminder that my contest is ending tonight at 11:00 pm.  There’s still time to enter, so if you would like a chance to win a pair of my dog mugs, click this link and fill out the form

Best witches (ha ha),





October Prize Drawing

Handmade Corgi and Cavalier Spaniel mugs

Win a pair of dog mugs!

Win a Pair of Dog Mugs!

You could win two of my handmade dog breed mugs!  I am running a contest through Halloween and all you have to do to enter is click the link below and enter your name and email. The winner will win two of my dog breed mugs, and can choose from over 40 different breeds.

I encourage you to share this contest with your friends because the more you share, the more entries you receive, and the greater your chances of winning.

Click on this link to enter!!

Good luck,