Dog of the Week – West Highland Terrier

West Highland Terrier
Photo by Claire Zimmerman

I am keeping true to my word that I’ll be adding a new dog breed every week, though sometimes it’s challenging.  I like having this goal and intend to keep with it, though I will make exceptions for vacations, like next week when I go to Tahoe with my family.  So no “Dog of the Week” next week.

I chose West Highland Terriers for this week because, well,  they’re adorable.  Also, my  neighbor down the street has one, so there’s inspiration close by if I need it.

I’ll post a picture of my Westie artwork at the end of the week.  I’m running test tiles this week of my Border Collie design, and the Miniature Schnauzer design (from last week) to check that the fired colors look good.  Then I’ll be able to add the artwork to mugs and make dog mugs – the funnest part 🙂  And by the way, if any of you see my finished designs and have some constructive criticism, I readily welcome it.  Thanks!

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Have a wonderful week!


New Border Collie Design

I have finished my Border Collie Design, at least the black and white version.  I’ll be adding a red and white and a blue merle Border Collie eventually.  I will probably do some minor changes before I make my Border Collie Gifts, though I might not be able to wait.BorderjpgRGB

I completed a Dutch Shepherd mug from the design I drew last week, though I made some modifications to the snout from the first draft of my artwork and Dutch Shepherd Gifts are now available on my website.   I also completed designs for a red merle Australian Shepherd and a black and rust Doberman Pinscher and made mugs for these as well.  It was a very productive week!  Now you can find these in my Australian Shepherd Gifts and Doberman Pinscher Gifts on my website.

Image 2

Image 1Image

I will announce this weeks “dog of the week” tomorrow.  It is one that I’ve received more than a couple requests for.  Stay tuned.



Dog of the Week – Border Collie

Photo from

The dog breed design that I’ve selected to work on this week is the Border Collie.  Actually, I can’t believe I don’t have one among my designs yet.  I have hand-painted them in the past for customers, and have received several requests for them.

Border Collies are beautiful dogs with loads of character.  My friend Karen has a tricolor, and one of her favorite things to do is guard her kitty (a live cat, not a toy).  She’ll spend hours in the the cat room just lounging around and making sure her cat is ok.  Such devotion.  That’s the thing I’ve noticed about his breed is that it is very focused.  That’s what makes them such great herding dogs.  My in-laws got raised sheep for a time and got an older working Border Collie – Tyson was his name – and man, was he intense.  He’d go in and round up those sheep in no time….until he found out that my in-laws were softies, then he figured out, even faster, how to round up the throw pillows and blankets and have a nap by the wood stove.  We couldn’t blame him, he’d been working for 8 years under a very “firm” owner (to say it kindly) and was treated nicely by my in-laws.  He naturally figured his work was done, and so it was.

I will spend some time on the drawing and get the finished, or almost finished, version up by the weekend.  Sometimes I get them done and then find I need to revise them, after I’ve had some time away from them.    I cant wait to have my artwork done so I can make some Border Collie mugs!

Have a great week!