Experimenting with Fun Glaze Colors


Bright-Ceramic-Animals.JPGI love making my dog breed pottery, especially because of the bright colors in my dog breed and floral patterns.  I love bright rich colors in general and have really wanted to glaze some things in all different colors.  So recently I dug out some of the animal molds that I’ve acquired over the years (just for fun) and made a bunch of different critters so that I could try out some of my new glazes on them.  When I unloaded everything from the kiln onto my cart, and all of the items were together, I just couldn’t stop staring at them.  It was complete sensory overload and I couldn’t get enough.  There were horses, cats, owls, foxes, deer, some small pots and covered boxes, all decked out in bright colors of glaze.  So satisfying 🙂

These will go on my website once I get them all photographed.   So off I go to my studio to snap some pics.  Bye for now.