Upcoming – Miniature Pinscher Design

Miniature Pinscher photo
Photo by @verpinscht – Instagram

I’ve been wanting to add Miniature Pinschers for a while but when I got a request through the Shepherds Grove Website, I knew it was time.  And now that I’ve put this out to the Universe and written it here, the work will get done.

If you’re a Minpin lover, I highly recommend you take a look at @verpinscht on Instagram.  They’re out of Germany and the pictures are inspired.

I’m shooting for finishing the Minpin design by mid March.  It’s not that the design will take me that long, but there’s a bunch of other pottery related tasks to accomplish at the same time.  But the excitement of adding a new design is very motivating because I can already imagine a Miniature Pinscher staring back at me from one of my dog breed mugs.

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Beautiful Giclee Canvas Prints by L.A. Shepard



I was shopping around on Etsy and found this wonderful artist, L.A. Shepard.  She really captures the spirit of the dog and she has a large body of work.  I love all of her dog prints, especially the German Shepherds 🙂  And her story is wonderful too. She began her full time painting career to be able to support her family while taking care of her husband (who was suffering from brain cancer) at home.  Her husband, Gary, had an idea to start a movement for people to celebrate their birthdays by giving a gift to someone in need.  You can read more about it on L. A. Shepard’s “About” page.  What a wonderful idea and one I plan to see through on my upcoming birthday.  Gary ended up passing away, but his idea lives on and you can help make it bigger by incorporating it into your birthday celebration.

Visit L. A. Shepard’s Etsy Shop, TheDogLover, and check out all of her beautiful prints.