Bernese Mountain Dog – Dog of the Month

I’ve been wanting to add the Bernese Mountain Dog to my list of dog breeds for quite a while.  I’m always struck by how beautiful these dogs are – their coloring is rich and coat so luscious. I had the privilege, years ago, to make friends with a Bernese Mountain Dog.  He was friendly and sweet, probably the most relaxed dog I’ve ever met.

The Bernese Mountain Dog originated in the mountains of Switzerland, mainly around the city of Berne.  It was kept mostly as a farm dog – a companion animal and watchdog for the farmer and his family.  It was also used to pull carts to deliver the products of farmers who could not afford  a draft horse, or whose farms were too small to require one.   Today, Bernese Mountain Dogs are still companion animals and farm dogs, are used as therapy dogs, and they compete in draft competitions,  tracking, obedience, and even agility.

I will post a picture of my Bernese Mountain Dog design when I get it finished.  I must admit that I’ve fallen slightly behind with my dog breed art and have not yet completed last month’s artwork for the Shiba Inu, though I’m very close.  There are just so many fun things to work on in my business…it’s wonderful to have this type of problem 🙂




Beautiful Giclee Canvas Prints by L.A. Shepard



I was shopping around on Etsy and found this wonderful artist, L.A. Shepard.  She really captures the spirit of the dog and she has a large body of work.  I love all of her dog prints, especially the German Shepherds 🙂  And her story is wonderful too. She began her full time painting career to be able to support her family while taking care of her husband (who was suffering from brain cancer) at home.  Her husband, Gary, had an idea to start a movement for people to celebrate their birthdays by giving a gift to someone in need.  You can read more about it on L. A. Shepard’s “About” page.  What a wonderful idea and one I plan to see through on my upcoming birthday.  Gary ended up passing away, but his idea lives on and you can help make it bigger by incorporating it into your birthday celebration.

Visit L. A. Shepard’s Etsy Shop, TheDogLover, and check out all of her beautiful prints.