March Dog Pottery Giveaway


It’s Friday!  Yay!  I don’t know what it is about Fridays, but they always bring a sense of relief, even if the two days following aren’t much different for me.  I think it’s all of those early years of school that has conditioned me to love Fridays.   Anyhow, enough conjecture.  On to the contest.

This month I will be giving away a dog breed dipping bowl and dog breed wine stopper.  Two nice little items to keep for yourself or gift to a dog loving friend or organization.  I was very touched to hear that my last winner, Wendy, was going to be donating the items she won to an upcoming rescue auction.   She chose Boston Terriers, so I’m assuming it’s a Boston Terrier rescue.  Whether you decide to keep your prize or gift it, the instructions are the same – click the red button below 🙂


Good luck and have a great weekend!



February Dog Pottery Giveaway

Pub dipping bowl and Cavalier wine stopper

My February Dog Pottery Giveaway is Live!

This month I’ll be giving away a cute dog breed dipping bowl and dog wine stopper (similar to the items shown above).  The dipping bowl is perfect for serving olive oil and spreads, as well as holding a tea bag or your rings and jewelry.  And the wine stopper will very obediently watch over your favorite wine.  Keep them for yourself, or gift them to the dog lover in your live.  The winner will choose from over 40 dog breeds.

The dog breed pottery giveaway runs through the 28th, so you have a good amount of time to get your entries in.  Once you enter, you’ll be given the opportunity to share the contest and this will give you more entries.  The more you share, the more entries you get.

Click this link to enter!


New Website For Shepherds Grove Studio

New website

Over the last year or so I really came to dislike my website, to the point that I just didn’t want to do anything to it – even if I added new products, it still wouldn’t look nice.  And because I didn’t like how it looked, I really did not want to promote it – I figured why send new customers to an ugly website?  I was about to scrap the whole thing and switch to a different ecommerce platform when I called Bigcommerce (my current platform) and expressed my frustrations with my site.  I’m so glad I called and so glad I got the customer care person I did.  He said “why don’t you just change templates?”  He then proceeded to help me see what different templates would look like with my current products.  He stayed on the phone with me until all my questions were answered.  I’ve always admired the customer service that I’ve received from Big Commerce these last 6 years – gosh, it sounds like a plug for Big Commerce.  But really, they’re great.

My new website (shown above) is cleaner and less cluttered and because of this,  some things have been moved around a bit.  The blog and things like the “about us” page and contact info are now at the bottom where they detract less from the purpose of the store.  Just scroll down and they’ll magically appear.  I love magic!

I added a new product recently – dog breed sauce bowls. And this week I’ll be adding dog breed creamers and dog breed sugar bowls.  I have several other pottery shapes to add after that such as 6″ plates, 8″ plates, dog treat jars, and dog food bowls.  Like my dog breed mugs, these pottery shapes are handmade here in my studio, in Eureka, CA.  All of these items can be ordered now, even though they are not on the website.  Just shoot me an email at and let me know what you’re interested in.

Go ahead, have a look at the new Shepherds Grove website and feel free to let me know what you think – I’m open to any and all constructive criticism 🙂