New Border Collie Design

I have finished my Border Collie Design, at least the black and white version.  I’ll be adding a red and white and a blue merle Border Collie eventually.  I will probably do some minor changes before I make my Border Collie Gifts, though I might not be able to wait.BorderjpgRGB

I completed a Dutch Shepherd mug from the design I drew last week, though I made some modifications to the snout from the first draft of my artwork and Dutch Shepherd Gifts are now available on my website.   I also completed designs for a red merle Australian Shepherd and a black and rust Doberman Pinscher and made mugs for these as well.  It was a very productive week!  Now you can find these in my Australian Shepherd Gifts and Doberman Pinscher Gifts on my website.

Image 2

Image 1Image

I will announce this weeks “dog of the week” tomorrow.  It is one that I’ve received more than a couple requests for.  Stay tuned.




Dog of the Week – Dutch Shepherd

New Dutch Shepherd design from

I will be featuring a different dog breed (or breeds) each week. At this point, the dog breeds I focus on will be those that aren’t currently available on my dog breed pottery, with to goal being to add a new dog breed every week.  This week I’ve chosen Dutch Shepherds because they’re very beautiful dogs, and also because a  customer requested a mug with her Dutch Shepherd on it 🙂

I didn’t know a lot about the breed, other than what the name implies – Shepherd of Dutch origin.  They are not brindle Belgian Malinois, as some think.  They are very popular service dogs within the Netherlands (excellent as:  herd dogs; guard, security, and police dogs; and as companions) though only a few hundred are registered in the US.  Dutch Shepherds come in three different coat types: shorthaired, wireharied, and longhaired.  The most typical color is brindle, either silver or gold (refers to the background hair color).

I have completed my Dutch Shepherd artwork, as seen above, and I will be doing some test firing tomorrow to check the final fired colors.  After that, look for it in my list of currently available dog breeds on my website!  If you’re looking for Dutch Shepherd gifts, you’ll know where to go.