10 Adorable Pictures of Dogs and Bunnies

Easter is on its way and that got me thinking about bunnies, and how if my German Shepherd, Dante, and the Easter Bunny ever met up in our backyard, the Easter Bunny might never come back.   But here are some dogs that get along beautifully with bunnies, as I suspect Dante would if properly introduced.

1.  Corgi and Bunny

Corgi and Bunny

Source: Nadya Kulagina Photography 500px.com

2. Pomeranian and Bunny

Pomeranian and Bunny

Souce: Instagram @chiara.nalon

3.  Golden Retriever and Bunny

Source:  Dailybunny.org

4.  Shiba Inu and Bunny Instagram

Shiba Inu and Rabbit

Source: Instagram @microcoffeesafari

5. Sheltie and Bunny


Source: Daan Franken, Flickr

6. German Shepherd with Bunnies

German Shepherd and Bunnies

Source: forums.rabbitrehome.org.uk

7.  Australian Shepherd and Bunny

Australian Shepherd and Rabbit

Source: Instagram @happy_aussie

8.  Boston Terrier and Bunny Litter

9.  Saint Bernard and Bunny

Saint Bernard and Bunny

Source: Warren Photographic

10. Bull Dog and Bunny

Bulldong and Bunny

Source: Instagram @francis_langlais

I hope you’ve enjoyed the cuteness.  Have a great day!


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Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston’s Red, White, and Golden Celebration!


For all of those in and around Houston who love Golden Retrievers and a good time, The Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston is hosting a fundraiser on Saturday, July 7, 2010 from 4pm to 10pm at Blanco’s Bar and Grill (3406 West Alabama St., near Buffalo Speedway).

Enjoy BBQ, cool beverages, and great music by; CJ’s Gound, Still Spinning, 23rd Soul Street.  There will be silent and live auctions (including items from Shepherds Grove).

Tickets are available at the door and the price includes a BBQ dinner plus 2 drink tickets.  Adults $35 and Children $15.  You can bring your well behaved Golden for free! (though all dogs must remain outdoors)

Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston (GRRH) was founded June 20h03 and is a non-profit 501(c)(3). They are an all-volunteer group dedicated to the rescue and placement of Golden Retrievers in the greater Houston, Texas area. They do not have a physical location but rather fulfill their mission with the help of volunteer foster homes.  They work very hard to find homes for the many homeless Goldens and their work includes rehabilitating Goldens with physical or psychological needs. 

Heart felt thanks to all of those working on behalf of animal welfare – your kind deeds to not go unnoticed.