Plum Blossom Farm Bath, Body and Home Products

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Plum Blossom Farm Products – Photo by John Burgess, The Press Democrat

Today I’m sharing my friend Carole’s business because, for one, she makes amazing products, and two, she was just featured in an article by The Press Democrat (Sonoma County, CA).  I’m so excited for her and want to celebrate this well-deserved recognition.

We started our businesses around the same time and I’ve had the privilege to watch her business change and grow over the last decade.  I first met Carole when she was in college and helped me with my children when my youngest was born.  She was an integral part of our family for several years and she is one of the most gentle and caring people I know.  She has always done the very best for the people and animals in her life and I’m just so proud of what she’s achieved.

As for Carole’s products, we use several of them daily.  I love that the ingredients are all natural, the scents are wonderful, and the felted wool colors are really beautiful.   Me and my grown kids use her bath and body products exclusively now – specifically, the body scrub, body butter, and felted wool soaps (made with wool from her sheep).  I always have one of her lip balms nearby – in my purse and overnight bag, on my bathroom vanity,  by the kitchen sink, and in my car.   It’s the only lip balm I use.  I really can’t say enough about her products, except that they also make wonderful gifts – which makes it easy for me when it’s time to buy a birthday or Christmas gift.

I hope that you check out the article. It gives a great description of her farm and has a lot of really nice pictures of her and her critters.  For some really awesome products, visit her online store –

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