Corgis In Costume

Halloween is just around the corner so my daughter and I have set out the Halloween decorations.  Now it’s time to think about costumes, though not for our pup, Dante.   He does not have the patience for such things, though now and then I do torment him a little for the sake of a good photo-op.  So I appreciate the dogs that are such good sports about being dressed.

I love these Corgi pics – it seems that Corgis have an especially high tolerance for costume wearing :), as do Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (I’ll do them in my next dog costume post).

Corgi in spider costume.
Corgi Spider – from
Corgi dressed as a sheep with stuffed Corgi dog.
Corgi dressed as a sheep. I love the little Corgi herding it.
Corgi dressed as banana.
Corgi Banana Costume
Corgi in squirrel costume
Corgi in squirrel costume. Look at those eyes!
Corgi in lobster costume
Lobster Corgi. Now that’s the look I get from Dante if I come near him with a costume or prop.

Faery Tails Corgi Rescue – Corgi Jubilee


The Corgi Jubilee is an apt name for this wonderful event, considering the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee is occurring as I write, and she a staunch Corgi lover herself.  The Queen’s love of Corgis and the attention that the breed has received lately is both good and bad.  Hopefully the attention will be focused on those Corgi’s in the US that need homes, though likely it will also result in more breeding of Corgis and more dogs needing homes.  That is why the work done by dog rescue organizations, like Faery Tails Corgi Rescue, need support.  You can support this organization by participating in The Corgi Jubilee that is taking place at AKC Museum of the Dog, 1721 South Mason Road, Saint Louis, MO, Saturday June 9, 2012.  You can also donate to them by visiting their website.

Join the folks of Faery Tails Corgi Rescue for their annual fundraiser – a fun filled day of corgis, shopping, silly contests, silent auction bidding, purchasing raffle tickets and enjoying lunch with good Corgis and friends.   All well behaved and leashed corgis and corgi mixes are welcomed. Other well behaved and leashed pooches are welcome to attend too. If you would like to bring something for the lunch table or an auction item, please contact us.  All money raised will go to the care of wonderful dogs who need a fresh start for a wonderful new life.  Help support this worthwhile event.

For more information, please call 314-631-2577 or email