Beautiful Handmade Leather Dog Leashes by HiHorseRanch on Etsy

Leather Leash - hand made, engraved with wolf prints

I love walking my dog, Dante, on his worn leather leash.  Over the years it has softened and gotten very supple. I find myself passing it through my thumb and two forefingers like worry beads as I walk. I know a lot of people love the retractable leashes but, because I walk with Dante at my left side, I don’t need a lot of distance on my leash.  Plus, I just feel more in control of my big boy with a shorter leather leash.

Even though I love my current leash (it has history behind it which makes it hard to replace), I can’t stop myself from looking at peoples leather work – a skill I really admire.  I was looking on Etsy and found some really nice work by HiHorseRanch, which may make me reconsider my above statement.  Or, maybe I could collect leashes like some ladies collect purses and have different leashes to suit my moods.

I really like HiHorseRanch’s philosophy – here’s an excerpt from their shop announcement:  “Our original designs are completely handcrafted from the very best leather and hardware and are made extra tough to last for years. This level of quality is hard to find today. We believe our leather products should not only be great looking – they should be soft and comfortable to wear and age gracefully”

Nice work HiHorseRanch!