Preview of Dog Breed Salt and Pepper Shakers

I made a little video of one of my new salt and pepper shakers – this one features a blue merle Australian Shepherd.  I am just beginning to make these so do not have many blanks on hand, but I do have a couple sets for anyone interested in having their favorite breed on a pair.   The price for a pair is $42.   Contact me if you’re interested.


Making Pottery – Banding and Striping a Mug at Shepherds Grove Studio

There are several steps that my stoneware dog mugs have to go through before they can go to new homes and one of them is banding and striping.  After I’ve applied my white glaze by dipping the mugs into the glaze, and the glaze has dried, it’s time to add my accent colors of blue and golden yellow.  This short video shows the process.

Dog Mugs – How They’re Made at Shepherds Grove

Making A Dog Mug at shepherds-grove.comI spent a little time and made a video called “Making a Dog Mug at Shepherds Grove” that covers the basics of how my handmade dog mugs go from gooey stoneware slip to the final decorated product.  I love the process and it’s fun to see it condensed into under 4 minutes of video – the real process takes days from start to finish.  There is a lot of drying time, firing time and the like, but that time gives me the opportunity to work on designs, photographing items, listing items, making videos, etc…