Shepherds Grove is a studio located along the far northern coast of California.  Me and my family have lived here over ten years and have grown to love the quirky beauty of this place.  Having great friends, as we do, more than makes up for the lack of shopping here  🙂

I began painting ceramics 8 years ago, starting with bisque that I purchased.   This was the easiest way to learn and develop my style and it fit nicely into my busy life with 3 little kids.  Along the way, I experimented with clay and now my pursuits have evolved into working with slabs and slip casting (pouring liquid clay into molds).  I am also in the process of trying stoneware clays and, so far, am very happy with the results.  For me it’s about the function of the piece and the decoration.

I specialize in painting dog themed pieces (mostly items for the kitchen and table), though I often paint nature inspired pieces and I love bright vibrant colors.  I also work with silver clay and bead and like to dabble in screen printing.  I suppose my first love is the image and then it becomes about putting that image on an item, whether that’s a piece of bisque or a t-shirt.

I started this blog so that those interested in my work might know me a little better.



  1. Nice to meet you. Your work is inspiring!
    Who needs shopping? I hate shopping unless it involves buying a bag of clay or glazes etc…


    1. Thank you – it’s nice to meet you too. As for shopping, there’s not much here in Eureka to be had but, like you, I’d rather hit our local ceramic supply for a new glaze or tool. So much more fun than clothes. Take care.


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