The New Year at Shepherds Grove Studio

Greetings and happy New Year! I had a very busy and prosperous 2015 and I want to thank all of my wonderful customers for making it truly the best year ever at Shepherds Grove Studio.  Thank you so much!

The one thing that could have gone better in 2015 was my consistency of newsletters and blogging.  I find it challenging as a solopreneur to get everything done like I want to.  When things get busy with production in the studio, some of the other things slide.  But it is my intention to do better in this department this year.

Here is a recap of the products that I added 2015 that are currently available on my website: Dog breed sugar bowls and ddog breed creamers, canister/treat jars, and dipping bowls.


New products added at 2015

I added some new dog breed designs, as well as different coat varieties for some of the breeds that were already available.  All of these additions were at the request of my customers, so if you’re looking for a breed or color variation that I don’t have currently, just ask.  Though, I will limit my artwork to AKC breeds.

The new dog breed designs added were: Newfoundland, Norwegian Elkhound, laying German Shepherd, Jack Russel Terrier, and Australian Shepherd with tail.

New dog breed artwork  for 2015 - Shepherds Grove.

The new coat color varieties I added were red tricolor Australian Shepherd, brindle Boxer, black and tan Dachshund, and tricolor Sheltie.

New dog breed coat colors added to Shepherds Grove in 2015.

I also experimented with dog bowls and ornaments.  I partnered with a great company out of Ohio to provide me with 3 sizes of stoneware dog bowls.  The bowls are very sturdy and work well with my glaze, though I’ve had some mishaps with my glaze application and am working out the kinks.  I hope to have these available in the next couple months.  The ornaments were not without their issues too.  Basically, every new shape that I bring on requires some special handling in one area or another of the production, and only by going through the process, do I figure out how to make it all work.  With the ornaments, I ruined 10 of them and finished 3, but I loved how the 3 turned out.  I let people know about them and all three got snapped up within 2 days.  I take that to mean they were well received and will have them available in the early Fall, if not sooner.

Cavalier King Charles Ornament - handmade
Cavalier King Charles Ornament

Thank you again and may your 2016 be awesome!


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